Church School

We became a Church of England High School in January 2012. This exciting step into the family of Church Schools gave us the opportunity to develop our mission statement of ‘Caring, Learning and Succeeding’ within a Christian ethos.

Church School and the Curriculum

As a Foundation Church of England High School, we follow the Wigan Agreed Syllabus for religious education. In Religious Studies lessons students learn about the six major world faiths and ethical issues. Students are encouraged to think independently and are not taught what to believe. Religious Studies, GCSE Philosophy and Ethics and GCSE Short Course Religious Studies are all academic subjects. The majority of our students leave with a GCSE in Religious Studies (either full or short course) and the department has a reputation for achieving excellent results.

In RE students are given the opportunity to respond to personal, cultural, religious and social issues. Our subject motto is ‘Love justice, act with kindness and walk humbly’. In these lessons students learn about:

  • Citizenship
  • Personal, Social, Health Education
  • Work related learning
  • Social Action – Making a positive difference to the community.

Students enjoy the balance of academic and practical learning in RE lessons. In Year 7 students participate in the national ‘Send my Friend to School’ campaign and Year 8 will complete the Young People’s Arch-Bishop of York Award in 2012-13. More details will be posted on the website throughout the year.

Light House

The Light House is located in the heart of the school. It is the spiritual home of the school and the place where we are developing our spiritual practice. The room benefited from renovation at the start of 2012 and is now a space with simple decoration, perfect for reflection, year assemblies and acts of worship.

Our School Prayer

Father God

We thank you for every person in our school community. We pray that we will show kindness and respect in the way that we treat others. We ask for wisdom as we work together day-by-day to grow as a Christian Community.

We thank you for the opportunity to learn in this school. We pray that Lowton Church of England High School will be a place where learning is cherished. We thank you for all the people who help us to learn, for the Governors, Teachers, Support Staff and Parents.

Lord we pray that this school will be a community where students thrive, where creativity is celebrated and students are able to fulfil their potential. We ask that this school is a place where students are inspired to make a positive difference to the community to which we belong.


The Beacon

Beacon started in 2012 is growing steadily. It is led by Diocesan Youth Worker Phoebe Moriarty and Methodist Youth Worker Ruth East. The Beacon is a place where young people are invited to talk about things that matter to them, participate in a creative task and think of how the Christian faith can apply to their lives. The Beacon is open every Wednesday to students in Key Stage 3. Year 9s are able to attend in registration time. This is a popular part of the tutorial calendar with thirty students attending on a weekly basis. The Beacon is open to Year 7s on a Wednesday Break time and Year 7s and 8s at lunchtime. Younger students love the opportunity to be part of a Youth Club in school time.

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