Church School

We became a Church of England High School in January 2012. This exciting step into the family of Church Schools gave us the opportunity to develop our mission statement of ‘Caring, Learning and Succeeding’ within a Christian ethos. Worship is central to our school day so we take at least 5 minutes every morning during form time to pause and take part in an act of worship, we call this ‘5 a day at Lowton’. The Worship Bulletin is sent out each week with thoughts, reflections and interactive activities for students to take part in. We ensure these are inclusive for the whole school and they are regularly put on our Facebook page.
Day: Act of Worship:
Monday Thought for the week
Tuesday House Assembly or Big Question
Wednesday Share and Reflect
Thursday House Assembly or Big Question
Friday Form Worship/Year Worship Assembly/Whole School Assembly/Worship Walls


Throughout each term forms create and design Worship Walls based on a theme linking to our school values. These are a fantastic way to show how creative our pupils can be, some of the most recent themes have been Emotions, Equality, Holocaust Memorial, Easter, Forgiveness and most recently Friendship.



The Beacon


The Beacon is run by the School Chaplain and is based in The Lighthouse. It’s a brilliant place for pupils to make new friends, play games, take part in activities and reflect on questions of faith and the world around them, everyone is welcome to drop in and get involved.

Various Beacon groups are held each week in school:

The Beacon
Monday Break Year 10 (Toast and Juice)
Monday Lunch Year 7
Monday Period 6 2:00pm-2:50pm in H8
Friday Break Year 9  (Toast and Juice)
Friday Lunch Year 8

Students who attend The Beacon have said:

“I like the Beacon because you can express your feelings and no one will judge you. Everyone is friendly and I can trust everyone”  – Year 7

“I look forward to coming to the Beacon every week, it’s a place where I feel like I belong and I know I can talk about anything”  – Year 8

“I like coming to the Beacon because I can be myself and I like to eat toast and juice with my friends as well as having a laugh”  – Year 9

‘I like coming to the Beacon because I like to be with my friends in a creative environment”  – Year 10

Lowton has six core Christian Values – Compassion, Reflection, Forgiveness, Creativity, Hope, and Friendship. All school members are encouraged to put these values into practice both in and out of school. These values are proudly displayed around our school building and help guide our school life.

Throughout the school year we hold various Church services at key times in the calendar, these include our Welcome service for year 7s, Remembrance Day, Christmas and Easter. It’s a great opportunity to celebrate and hear our wonderful school choir perform and we are always so proud of our students who lead drama sketches, Bible readings, personal reflections and prayers. It has also enabled us to grow strong links with local churches and members of the community.


In addition to raising money for our chosen house charities we also put our values into practice and make sure that during Harvest we give to our local food bank reflecting on the importance of being generous to those in need whilst being thankful for what we have. A team of students from The Beacon have also taken part in decorating St Mary’s Church Lowton by creating a ‘Lowton Harvest Window’.


Last year we raised awareness of those in need across the world throughout Christian Aid week. Taking on board their campaign slogan “Love every neighbour” we collected money and raised enough to buy a number of worm farms for families in Bangladesh enabling them to grow vegetables.


Each year at Lowton we welcome varying guest performers, speakers and musicians into school to run lessons and lunch time sessions. Most recently we were privileged to have members of the AYF Band of Uganda into Lowton who spent a week inspiring us with their life experiences, musical talents and sincere Christian faith. We hope to welcome a group from The Message Trust Manchester into Lowton in our final summer term.


The impact of the collective Worship on the Whole School Community is “Good”.

The Christian ethos of a Church School underpins all that we do. We communicate it through our lessons, our worship our extra-curricular activities and mostly through our relationships. This is summed up perfectly by a Year 8 student “The Christian atmosphere in the school helps us to bond like a caring family”. Ethos and Worship at Lowton was currently judged at ‘Good’ in our 2015 Church Schools inspection. Since then our worship and ethos has developed significantly and we look forward to showing this in our next Church School inspection.

Our SIAMS report is available to access here. You can find some key quotes from our report below.

  “Strong relationships based on the Christian values of trust, compassion and respect are reflected in the good behaviour of students and their high degree of care and concern for others”

 “Pupils talk knowledgeably about Christian belief, Bible teachings and faith in action”

“They appreciate the opportunities for prayer, reflection and discussion using the interactive ‘worship walls’ in form rooms for creative responses to the Christian values themes. They say these increase their awareness of God’s presence as well as helping them to become more confident in their exploration and expression of faith”

“They speak confidently about church school issues including the development of future leaders and the importance of all staff understanding church school effectiveness”

Students are valued as God’s children so they feel accepted and are eager to learn”


School Prayer


Father God.

We thank you for every person in our school community. We pray that we will show kindness and respect in the way that we treat others. We ask for wisdom as we work together day-by-day to grow as a Christian Community.

We thank you for the opportunity to learn in this school. We pray that Lowton Church of England High School will be a place where learning is cherished. We thank you for all the people who help us to learn, for the Governors, Teachers, Support Staff and Parents.

Lord we pray that this school will be a community where students thrive, where creativity is celebrated and students are able to fulfil their potential. We ask that this school is a place where students are inspired to make a positive difference to the community to which we belong.





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