Curriculum Overview

Academic Year 2018-2019

Year 7 Weekly Lessons Year 8 Weekly Lessons Year 9 Weekly Lessons Year 10 Weekly Lessons Year 11 Weekly Lessons
English 4 English 4 CORE CORE CORE
Maths 5 Maths 5 English 5 English 4 English 5
Science 3 Science 4 Maths 5 Maths 4 Maths 5
RE/RS 2 RE/RS 2 Science 5 Science 4 Science 5
History 2 History 2 PE 2 PE 2 PE 1
Geography 2 Geography 2
Computing 1 Computing 1
Literacy 2
Drama 1 Drama 1 Option A 3 Option A 3 Option A 4
Music 1 Music 1 Option B 3 Option B 3 Option B 4
Art Art 1 Option C 3 Option C 3 Option C 4


Food & Design Technology



Food & Design Technology





Total 29 29 29 29 29


School operates a one week timetable with 29 lessons of 50 minute duration.

At Lowton Church of England High School our core mission is to offer students an intellectually stimulating and enriching environment to achieve their academic and personal best . We believe that our values of ‘caring, learning and succeeding’ should underpin our broad and balanced curriculum that is designed to:

  • Meet the needs and interests of all our students.
  • Enable our students to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and qualities to enable them to become effective lifelong learners.
  • Enable students to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and qualities to enable them to become and successful, compassionate and resilient citizens.
  • Enable students to achieve academic and personal success
  • Build student aspirations and prepare them for the next steps in their future education, employment or training
  • Promote an understanding of the Christian faith and British Values in such a way that tolerance and compassion towards others are highly valued personal characteristics.
  • Promote employability skills
  • Meet statutory requirements

The following areas are developed in all year groups and across the curriculum:

  • Basics skills in literacy and numeracy:
  • Spiritual, Moral, Cultural, Mental and Physical Development (SMCMPD).
  • Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE). 
  • Careers Education and Independent Advice & Guidance (CEIAG).
  • Skills in using new technology.
  • Enrichment e.g. through themed learning days and additional curriculum opportunities.
  • A range of extra-curricular provision.



In Years 7 and 8 students follow the National Curriculum. There is a strong focus on ensuring that all students develop basic skills in literacy and numeracy. We use a combination of Reading Programmes such as Accelerated Reader, Corrective Reading and Read to Achieve to personalise students’ literacy development and boost all students’ reading skills. Literacy and numeracy intervention is provided for students who are working below expected standards in these areas, whilst our ‘Read to Achieve’ programme provides stretch and challenge to the more able. Within mathematics a combination of Maths Recovery and First Class Number are used to help students working below expected standards on entry to ‘catch up and keep up’.

In KS3 students are taught in a combination of ways including mixed ability across Humanities, Science, Expressive Arts, Languages and Technology. Students are generally grouped in sets based on prior attainment in Mathematics and broad setting is utilised in English.  There is the flexibility for students to changes sets where beneficial. This combination of grouping allows students to learn, achieve and develop social skills across a broad range of settings.


From Year 9 there is increasing personalisation and choice as students begin to specialise in areas of interest or need. We operate a 3 year Key Stage 4 with Y9 as the transition year which allows students to develop firm foundations in their chosen subjects whilst also allowing them the additional time required to fully explore the breadth and depth required in the new GCSE’s.

Our core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, and Religious Studies GCSE is studied alongside compulsory PE and PSHE.  In addition students are guided to select 3 option subjects that will give them their best access to future pathways. The vast majority of students will retain a traditional and broadly academic curriculum, with most students studying either History or Geography. There is an expectation that those who are able, follow the English Baccalaureate and continue with a Language in addition to their Humanities. Other students study Technical Awards, Vocational Qualifications or Certificates and Diplomas alongside their GCSEs.

In KS4 students are grouped in sets according to prior attainment in English, Maths, Science and Religious Studies.  In options subjects students are generally taught in mixed ability groups.  Options booklets are available detailing the courses offered at KS4, for each year group within this Key Stage. This is a summary of our KS4 Option Choices:

  • GCSE’s: Geography, History, French, German, Spanish, Triple Science, Computing, Creative I-Media, Art, Photography, Food & Nutrition, Physical Education, Drama, Music and Resistant Materials
  • Vocational / Alternate Qualifications: V Cert in Craft, ECDL, Certificate of English, Maths & Science.  ASDAN PSHE Short Course, L1 – Transport & Maintenance. Mentoring & Outreach with The School Of Military

Each subject has a section on the school website which provides more detail, including contact details should you require more information.  Please contact Mrs Shaw to discuss anything further regarding our school curriculum.

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