Design and Technology


band-saw“When you say ‘design,’ everybody thinks of magazine pages. So it’s an emotive word. Everybody thinks it’s how something looks, whereas for me, design is pretty much everything.” – James Dyson.

This is the perfect subject to cover both purely creative and academic styles of study. Students will have opportunity to perfect practical skills, learn about design theory, hone their styles of presentation and enjoy freedom to produce unique and functional products. This is an all-encompassing subject that requires the use of a wide variety of skills therefore keeping interest for every individual.

The variety of skills and learning opportunities make this an ideal subject for equipping students with skills for life. Students will engage with a client and have to take into account their views and manipulate their designs to fit for particular needs. Design will enable students to think openly, consider wisely and adapt their reasoning.

Design and Technology at Lowton Church of England High School is cutting edge. We have state of the art technology facilities and resources which allow students to achieve the best possible design ideas. This subject encompasses a huge range of skills and encourages students to work independently from the start.

Subject Key Aims

To expand creative thought and functional reasoning.

To encourage students to interact with the world around them and understand how products affect us all in different ways.

To enable students to think about materials from different perspectives and know how to manipulate them in real-life contexts.

To encourage students to think about marketing techniques as well as the needs of individual users.

To encourage the use of a variety of skills and autonomous learning.

Curriculum Overview

Year 7

Students will spend 13 weks per year in Design and Technology, 13 in Food Technology and 13 in Photography

Year 8

  • Salvador Dali Inspired Clock – covering all major key areas of Design and Technology study
  • Presentation techniques
  • Design theory
  • Materials theory

Please contact Mrs Shaw on 01942 767040 to discuss anything further regarding our school curriculum.

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