GCSE AQA Religious Studies Revision Recordings

These short voice recordings will help with your revision.

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Paper 1: Religions – Judaism


Judaism Beliefs – Full Version (32:13) (Download)

Messiah (Download)

Life After Death (Download)

Covenant With Abraham (Download)

Covenant With Israel & The Ten Commandments (Download

Piknuach Nefesh Sanctity of Life (Download)

Moses (Download)

Justice In Judaism (Download)

Mitzvot Introduction (Download)

Freewill (Download)

The Importance of Covenants To Jews (Download)

God In Judaism (Download)


Practices: Worship

Judaism Practices – Full Version (28:31) (Download)

The Synagogue (Download)

Torah (Download)

Prayers In The Synagogue (Download)

Shabbat (Download)

Worship In The Home (Download)

Written Law & Oral Law (Download)

Worship In The Synagogue (Download)


Practices: Rituals

Judaism Rituals- Full Version (27:46) (Download)

Yom Kippur (Download)

Rosh Hashanah (Download)

Passover (Download)

Funerals & Mourning (Download)

Jewish Marriage Ceremony (Download)

Bar & Bat Mitzvah (Download)

Brit Milah (Download)

Kosher (Download)


Paper 1: Religions – Christianity


Christianity Beliefs – Full Version (26:12) (Download)

Life of Jesus (Download)

Salvation (Download)

Creation (Download)

Evil & Suffering (Download)

Holy Spirit (Download)

Trinity (Download)

Afterlife Heaven & Hell (Download)

Practices: Worship

Christianity Worship – Full Version (22:48) (Download)

Prayer (Download)

Baptism (Download)

Holy Communion (Download)

Pilgrimage (Download)

Christmas & Easter (Download)

Bible (Download)


Practices: Community

Christianity Community – Full Version (12:43) (Download)

Church in the Local Community (Download)

Worldwide Community (Download)


Paper 2: Themes


Theme A: Relationships

Relationships – Full Version (44:53) (Download)

Human Sexuality (Download)

Contraception (Download)

Nature & Purpose of Marriage (Download)

Same-Sex Marriage & Cohabitation (Download)

Divorce (Download)

GBQ For Theme A – Sex Before Marriage (Download)

Nature & Purpose of Family (Download)

Gender Equality (Download)

Polygamy & Same Sex Marriage (Download)


Theme B: Life

Life – Full Version (49:48) (Download)

Origins of the Universe (Download)

Environment Stewardship Dominion and Awe-Wonder (Download)

Use of Animals for Food (Download)

Animal Experimentation (Download)

Evolution (Download)

Abortion (Download)

Euthanasia (Download)

Beliefs About Life After Death (Download)

GBQs For Theme B Abortion – Euthanasia & Animals (Download)


Theme E: Religion, Crime & Punishment

Religion, Crime & Punishment – Full Version (39:38) (Download)

Community Service (Download)

Prison (Download)

Christian Attitudes to Punishment (Download)

GBQs Death Penalty, Forgiveness & Corporal Punishment (Download)

Death Penalty (Download)

Reasons Why People Commit Crime (Download)

Theft, Murder & Hate Crime (Download)

Aims of Punishment (Download)

Forgiveness in Christianity (Download)


Theme F: Human Rights

Human Rights – Full Version (51:44) (Download)

What Causes Poverty (Download)

Charity (Download)

Responsibilities Towards The Poor (Download)

Exploitation of the Poor (Download)

Wealth (Download)

Racial Prejudice & Discrimination (Download)

Social Justice (Download)

GBQ For Theme F – Women – Freedom of Belief & Wealth (Download)

Human Rights (Download)

Treatment of Women & Homosexuals Within Religion (Download)

Freedom of Religion (Download)


Miss Heaton’s recordings


Theme B (D) Religion, Peace & Conflict

Peace, Justice, Forgivness and Reconciliation (Download)

Violence & Violent Protest (Download)

Terrorism (Download)

Reasons for War: Greed, Self Defence & Retaliation (Download)

The Just War Theory including criteria (Download)

Holy War (Download)

Pacifism (Download)

Belief as a cause of war in the contemporary world (Download)

Nuclear Weapons including Nuclear Deterrence (Download)

The use of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Download)

Religion and Peacemaking (Download)

Religious responses to the victims of war (Download)

Great British Questions (Download)

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