GCSE History Revision Recordings – Paper 2 Elizabeth

These short voice recordings will help with your revision.

To download the files, right click the download link and select ‘Save Link As’.

1: Elizabethan Society and Government (Download)


2: Power of the Queen (Download)


3: Elizabeth’s Problems GRIME (Download)


4: The Details of the Religious Settlement (Download)


5: Religious Settlement Middle Ground and Enforcement (Download)


6: The role of the Church of England (Download)


7a: The Catholic threat at home up to 1568 (Download)


7b: The Puritan Threat (Download)


8: Catholic threats and the Spanish Netherlands (Download)


9: The threat from Mary Queen of Scots (Download)


10: Revolt of the Northern Earls (Download)


11: Ridolfi Plot 1571 (Download)


12: Throckmorton plot and Walsingham (Download)


13 The Babington Plot (Download)


14: Spanish Netherlands 1570s (Download)


15: Spanish Netherlabds 1580s up to Armada (Download)


16: Deteriorating relations with Spain and Drake (Download)



17: Spanish Armada (Download)


18: Consequences of the Armada (Download)


19: Education (Download)


20: Sports and pastimes (Download)


21: Poverty (Download)


22: Elizabethan exploration & Drake’s circumnavigation (Download)


23: Colonising Virginia (Download)


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