Students and staff at Lowton marked Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 on Thursday and Friday this week. In the Lighthouse there was a Holocaust Memorial Gallery set up with a collection of photographs, reflections, poetry, video, music and artwork. This was an opportunity for the school community to remember, reflect and respond to these horrific events. The ‘Power of Words’ is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018, and a whole school assembly challenged everyone to consider how powerful words can be, that they can make a difference, for good and evil. Mr McKee spoke of the inspiring life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who stood up to the Nazi regime and worked tirelessly to save Jews from the concentration camps. He ultimately paid with his life, but many lives were saved due to his efforts. Students were given an opportunity to respond to what they experienced in the gallery. Here are some examples:

“It is so sad to think about what happened, but that day will always be remembered.”

“Our country is a place where everyone should be treated equally. This was a horrible time in history. Rest in peace all the people who died. They didn’t deserve it. We are all human.”

“We need to make sure this never happens again!”

“We are all the same on the inside, we have organs and skin and blood and bones. The colour of our skin or the culture in our hearts does not determine who were are. It’s what we think, what’s in our soul, personality; remember that!”

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