material (1)The teachers in the Humanities Faculty at Lowton Church of England High School strive to engage all pupils, of all abilities, through innovative and creative approaches to learning. We are passionate about getting pupils to think about the world and society that they live in and how they personally have an impact on it.

We aim to encourage debate and discussion in dealing with controversial issues and to support pupils in forming their own opinions, in a positive and supportive learning environment.

At the heart of Geography, History, Religious Studies and Citizenship lessons is the belief that all pupils have the right to better understand the world they live in. This might be through considering how past decisions and choices have affected the world today, by contemplating the diversity of world beliefs or pondering the big issues to do with our ever changing planet.

We believe Humanities provides pupils with a vital set of skills to interact with the society they live in helping them to make informed and wise decisions and knowing when to challenge and question actions or decisions.

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