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Our partner Schools are:


Collège Champfleury – Avignon, France

Collège Madame de Sévigné, Gagny, Paris, France

Collège Marie Thérèse, Magny en Vexin, France

Cité Scolaire, Collège Chateaubriand, Combourg, France


IES Huelín, Málaga, Spain

IES Galileo, Alhaurin de la Torre, Spain

IES Nuestra Señora del Rocio, Seville, Spain

IES Alhamilla, Almería, Spain


ICS Card.O.Giorgi di Valmontone, Rome, Italy

ICS Mandes di Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Casalnuovo Monterotaro, Italy

Italo Calvino, Milan, Italy


Atisalani Anddolu Lisei, Esenler, Turkey

Letters to Italy

Pupils from Willow House Year 8 have been participating in a letter writing exchange with children in Milan. We are also in contact with a school in Greece and we plan to use the etwinning website to share our experience of life in the UK with other children around the world. The children enjoyed participating in this scheme and are excitedly awaiting a response which should arrive within the next few weeks. In addition to this, some Spanish and French classes are in the process of writing to schools in Sevilla, Málaga, Almería in Spain and Chateaubriand in France. This international co-operation will help us to obtain the International School Award Foundation level.

Letters to France

Students have been busy writing drafts and redrafts to send to the French school where we have penfriends. Year 7 are really excited to be participating in this project work which will form part of our Intermediate level International Schools Award. See below for some examples.

Letters to Spain

Our Spanish pupils are in the process of writing and redrafting letters to three of our Spanish exchange schools. Year 7 have been writing about their school day, Year 8 have written about their favourite foods. This has supplemented their curriculum work and we are building strong links with our Spanish counterparts in Seville, Málaga and Almería. The pieces that are being written and redrafted encourage our pupils to take an interest in the culture of other countries. See examples of the letters below and a photo kindly provided by some of our Spanish Counterparts!

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