What is it?

For those that don’t know, ‘Let’s Sing’ is a singing project that includes nearly all schools in Wigan; we form part of the LOGOS division with schools in Lowton and Golborne.

You’ll be singing in a large-scale concert with hundreds of other young people performing to an audience of thousands.

If you have done it at primary school before, it’s slightly different in high school. The standard of songs is harder and demands stronger harmony skills – often in 3-part.

It’s a really enjoyable experience and one that you’ll be sure to remember for the rest of your life!


Important Dates
Concert Monday 18th March @ Robin Park Arena

Rehearsal dates:
Tuesday 5th February 2pm (Period 6) until about 3pm.
Friday 1st March 10.55am (Period 3 and 4)
Wednesday 6th March 8.35-9.45 (registration and period 1)

We will then also be rehearsing every Wednesday after school until 4pm up to the event. This is very important that you can attend each week. This will leave us 6 weeks until the show.


So what next…

Please let Mr. Smith know to add your name to the list of participants and the first rehearsal will be this Tuesday (5th February) period 6 through until 3pm.

We will be rehearsing every Wednesday after school until 4pm along with the scheduled tutor visits from the Let’s Sing team. If you don’t attend the after school sessions each week, you will not be allowed to take part in the concert. This is when we do most of the hard work learning the songs.

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