“These excellent results are further vindication of the fact that Lowton offers a good education where all students are valued and supported to achieve.”       Julian Pollard, Head Teacher.

Results this year show that excellent progress has been made by a wide range of students across all aspects of the curriculum. Over a number of years now students have consistently performed at a high standard in English and we are delighted that this is the case again this year. Due to the significant changes which have taken place in the mathematics department over the last few years we are overjoyed by the improvements in the results of this department. Every single cohort of students in mathematics has performed considerably better than in previous years. There is a 10% improvement in strong passes (5+) and a 15% improvement in standard passes (4+), giving even further evidence of the progression in this key department.

Success is not just limited to these 2 core subjects. In the majority of subjects in the school at least 1 in 3 students have been awarded the highest grades (grades 7-9), with the vast majority of students achieving at least the standard pass (grade 4). We are immensely proud of every single student, including our year 10s who have tried to steal the show with their stunning performance in music and religious studies. The vast majority of students have achieved at least a grade 5 (equivalent of the old GSCE grade B).

To be part of Lowton Church of England High School is to be a member of a big supportive family: a family full of unique, special individuals. All our students are supported, not just on their academic journey, but on their journey into becoming young adults who are fully equipped to face the next stage of their lives.

We are a true all inclusive school. We pride ourselves on this fact. We are the Lowton family. Whilst we are tremendously proud of the fantastic achievements of our most able students what gives us the most pleasure and pride is the great progress all of our students have made, irrespective of their ability or starting point. So many of our students have surpassed expectations.

Achieving such a good set of academic results has been a challenge for the staff, the students and the parents, particularly amidst all the changes nationally to the examination system. Young people today are faced with much tougher GCSEs. The results that our students have achieved are a testament to a combination of three factors: our staff; our students and our families.

Firstly, all of our amazing staff, including the non-teaching staff, have worked tirelessly and done everything possible to help our students. Secondly, we firmly believe that resilience is integral to succeeding. Throughout the last two years we have been relentless in helping our young people to become resilient. This resilience, along with a positive attitude, determination and hard work has enabled our students to perform so well in their examinations. Finally, we have been blessed with the wonderful support from the families of our young people. It is the combination of these three factors, us all working together as a family, that has not only led to: our Year 11s leaving school fully equipped in every way to take the next step in their journey, but also them being able to compete with other youngsters at the highest level to be able to realise their ambitions.

Lowton Church of England High School: Caring, Learning, Succeeding.

There are now so many ways of reporting school exam data. These are some of the highlights as the data stands currently:

78% of students achieved a 4 or above in English; 74% of students achieved a 4 or above in mathematics

64% of students achieved a 4 or above in both English and mathematics

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