Our GCSE students have truly surpassed our expectations. They move on to the next stage in their lives’ journey ready to succeed, not only as a consequence of the record breaking results they have achieved, which were a significant improvement on last year’s examinations results, but because they leave us as wonderfully rounded, confident, independent members of our community.

Our successes:

  • The attainment of ALL students: 70% achieved a standard pass in 5 GCSE subjects including English and mathematics [A* -C in old money]. A phenomenal 10% improvement from last year.
  • Our boys: We worked seamlessly with our young men to overcome the traditional barriers boys face and bucked the national trend so that they met or exceeded their targets guaranteeing places in colleges and apprenticeships.
  • Our Most Able Students: Our brightest students have again excelled securing multiple top grades, ensuring that all future doors are open to them.
  • Our Disadvantaged Students – It gives us the utmost pleasure to report that we have more than halved the gap between our most vulnerable students and their peers.
  • Option Subjects- Students performance in their chosen subjects has truly soared; whether that be Photography where a phenomenal third of students achieved a grade 9 [ the super A*] or History where the same proportion of our students achieved the highest grades.
  • Year 10: Students entering Year 11 this September begin the final stage of their secondary school life with a GCSE qualification in Religious Studies. These students achieved the highest number of grade 8s and 9s on record and we are very proud of them.

These amazing successes have been achieved through the tireless work of all of our staff, whether that be teaching or non teaching staff; the dedication of our wonderful students and the fabulous support we have received from family.

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