Mental health and wellbeing support

for students and families in response to Covid-19.


Any form of trauma is likely to impact on still-developing children more than anybody else. They and their families will have experienced many different forms of disruption to their normal lives, whether it be general disengagement with work, a strain on relationships within the family network, the indirect impact of the virus, ie through anxiety and increased stress and in some cases bereavement through the direct affect of the virus on their family. At Lowton Church of England High School we will ensure that every possible provision is available for our students and families.


We hope that you find these links useful. We are here to support you in any way we can during this difficult period. Please see the contact section below if we can help you.

Mr Hilton
Senior Pastoral Lead

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Teens, screens and quarantines: What can research tell us?
Supporting children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Living through lockdown

Kooth Parent and Carer Sessions


Please be assured that the mental health and wellbeing of each student is of paramount importance to us, here at Lowton Church of England High School. If you would like to receive contact from school to discuss any concerns or needs that you are experiencing, please complete the form on the right, and we will ensure that a key pastoral member of staff contacts you:

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