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eiffel-towerDue to new technology and improved travel and communications it is crucial that we learn to speak and to understand each other in a wider global context. This can only be done effectively by learning other languages and appreciating associated cultures.

Learning another language can enhance your employment and mobility prospects whether you want a career in business, engineering, fashion or world class football. It encourages you to express yourself, your likes, dislikes, ideas and opinions and develops self-confidence.

We want students to enjoy their language lessons and make the best progress that they can. We know that a happy and contented student is going to be someone who will feel confident and will be able to produce a high standard of work.

All students study either French or Spanish at Key Stage 3. At KS4, pupils have the opportunity to study French or Spanish to GCSE level following the AQA examination board specification.

The MFL department aims :

  • To develop the ability of pupils to communicate effectively in the appropriate language.
  • To provide a well structured curriculum which develops the language skills of pupils of all abilities.
  • To provide intellectual stimulation, enjoyment and satisfaction through interesting and engaging lessons.
  • To promote cultural awareness and insights.
  • To promote interest in and awareness of the nature of the language and of the language learning process.
  • To promote learning and study skills.
  • To encourage interpersonal skills of cooperation and tolerance in working with others.


Language lessons at KS3 aim:

  • To provide an enjoyable environment for students to learn and use the target language in both spoken and written format
  • To develop confident learners who are not afraid to ‘have a go’ at communicating in the target language
  • To allow students to work independently and as part of a group
  • To recognise and appreciate cultural differences and similarities leading to an acceptance of other people, their cultures and traditions
  • To explore how the knowledge of another language can lead to enhanced job and social opportunities in the future

We study a range of topics in both French and Spanish ranging from personal identity and family relationships to holidays, celebrations and the media.
We also aim to equip students with the skills and grammatical knowledge  which they will be able to build upon at GCSE.


At GCSE we study a range of topics which fall into three broad themes:

Theme 1 – Identity and culture

Theme 2 – Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Theme 3 – Current and future study and employment

There are four exams at the end of Year 11. Each exam is worth 25% of your final of your overall GCSE grade.

In consultation with your teacher, you will decide, whether to take the Higher Tier (grades 4-9) or Foundation Tier (grades 1-5) exam.

The details of each exam are given below:

Paper 1: Listening (25%) – Understanding and responding to different types of spoken language.

You will be asked to answer questions in both the target language and in English.

Paper 2 : Speaking (25%) – Communicating and interacting effectively in speech for a variety of purposes.

You will be asked to complete a role play, a photo card task and a general conversation.

Paper 3:  Reading (25%) – Understanding and responding to different types of written language.

You will be asked to answer questions in the target language and in English. You will also be asked to complete a translation task from the target language into English.

Paper 4: Writing ( 25%) – Communicating effectively in writing for a variety of purposes.

You will be asked to complete structured writing tasks and to translate from English into the target language.

Please contact Mrs Shaw on 01942 767040 to discuss anything further regarding our school curriculum.

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