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The Beacon

The Beacon is run by the School Chaplain and is based in The Lighthouse. It’s a brilliant place for pupils to make new friends, play games, take part in activities and reflect on questions of faith and the world around them, everyone is welcome to drop in and get involved.

Various Beacon groups are held each week in school:

Monday Break Year 10
Monday Lunch Year 11
Tuesday Break Year 9
Tuesday Lunch Year 7 and 8

“I like the Beacon because you can express your feelings and no one will judge you. Everyone is friendly and I can trust everyone”  – Year 7 Students who attend The Beacon have said:

“I look forward to coming to the Beacon every week, it’s a place where I feel like I belong and I know I can talk about anything”  – Year 8

“I like coming to the Beacon because I can be myself and I like to eat toast and juice with my friends as well as having a laugh”  – Year 9

‘I like coming to the Beacon because I like to be with my friends in a creative environment”  – Year 10

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