Mr Pollard, Headteacher      
Our child is set challenging targets and encouraged to have high aspirations” Parent      
Students are very eager to learn and are highly attentive in lessons” Ofsted      
Learning outside the classroom is an important part of life at Lowton” Y8 Student      
Teaching is delivered by a committed, hard working staff” Parent      
As a small school we can bring a more personalised feeling to the education of our students” – Teacher      
“Christian values of trust, compassion and respect are reflected in the good behaviour of the students”  SIAMS inspection      

Welcome to Lowton Church of England High School, a small, successful comprehensive school serving young people aged 11-16 in the Lowton, Leigh and Atherton communities. As a Church school everything we do is based on Christian values and is summed up in our mission statement, caring, learning and succeeding.

We are a caring school which genuinely values the importance of each individual student. This means that we are an inclusive community which listens to what our students have to say and recognises their rights as well as their responsibilities. We are a small school and we know our students well.

We are a learning school that places huge importance on high quality learning and the development of good learning habits that promote “Life-Long Learning” amongst all of our students. We are fully committed to preparing students for their future education and working life by instilling these good habits from their first day with us, to when they leave us to continue their learning journey.

Finally, we are a school that supports our students in succeeding, both academically and in ways which reflect their own unique talents and abilities.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about “The Lowton Family”. If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
(Matthew 5:14-16 NIV) 

The Governors and staff of Lowton Church of England High School are committed to the provision of a high quality education in a Christian context. We aim to provide a school where we can live out our ethos of Caring, Learning and Succeeding on a daily basis and let our light shine. At the heart of the commitment is the notion of the uniqueness and infinite worth of the individual, that every person is valuable in the eyes of God and that they are, indeed, the light of the world.

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Year 10 student Alys Rowley has written this fantastic article sharing her experience of working with the BBC to create and star in a documentary. Well done, Alys, as a school we are very proud of you and the example that you set to others.

"Last October, I got the opportunity to go to Holland with the BBC in order to record an iPlayer docuseries all about sex education, which is called Mimi on a Mission. The Netherlands are one of the world leaders in RSE, and seeing their attitude towards the entire topic was amazing. It’s a hot topic at the moment, as sex education will be a compulsory topic in all schools in 2020.

I spent a week in Holland with some truly amazing people. At first, it was really daunting to meet them, as I wasn’t sure what they’d think of me, but by the end of the week we were all really close. I’m so glad to have met them, as they’ve become some of my best friends.

The group consisted of:
- Myself
- Logan (who’s like a little brother to me)
- Finn (a real inspiration to every young LGBT+ person)
- Joe (the dad of the group)
- Munashe (the funniest person you’ll ever meet)
- Garthia (who is amazingly confident)
- Lizzie (an incredibly sweet and caring person)
- Mimi (who is like a big sister to me, and I’m so happy I had the chance to get to know her)

Before we went to Holland, some of the crew from the production team (Tom and Katherine) came to my house. It felt really odd! It was strange having a camera crew in my house – I never in a million years would’ve thought this would happen to me. My friends were there too, though, so I wasn’t alone! We spent about five hours filming different things, such as me singing, getting shots of my house, and overall just allowing the viewers to get to know me! I had to do an hour-long interview and answer lots of different questions about myself, what I thought Holland would be like, and why I wanted to go on the trip. It was very tiring, but I really enjoyed it!

The flight was nerve-wracking for me. My parents drove me to Manchester Airport, and I struggled to stay calm for a few reasons. First of all, I hadn’t been on an aeroplane in about ten years. Second, I was going to a new country without anyone I knew. Thirdly, I was worried about getting to know the other kids. But the flight was fine! Lizzie and I got chatting about musical theatre, and Finn and Munashe soon joined our conversation as well. We all got on really well, and when we met the rest of the group (Garthia, Joe and Logan) we all clicked instantly.

We had a busy week! Every day was something different. We filmed five episodes in total, and each episode explored a new topic. I spent the entire week getting to spend time with the new friends I’d made, experiencing a new country and culture, and becoming a more educated person. It really was life-changing, and the entire experience improved my confidence massively. I’m an activist, and for ages I’d been wanting a platform to speak out on to raise awareness for certain issues and also to voice my opinion. MOAM really gave me this opportunity, and I’m so massively grateful that I was chosen to take part.

Throughout the trip, we did some really amazing stuff. We got to visit the NEMO Museum in Amsterdam, throw a huge party, and we also got a chance to look around these new places. We even somehow managed to clear the I Am Amsterdam sign so that we could take pictures, which was a feat in itself!

One of the highlights of the week was getting to throw a National Coming Out Day party at the Willem Blaeu school in Holland. Schools in the UK don’t really celebrate this, so it was a new experience for me. Both Finn and I identify as part of the LGBT+ community. Finn is gay, and I am pansexual which means attraction regardless of gender, although I do use the term gay to describe myself also. It can be a bit confusing to understand, but it’s the label that works for me. As long as you’re respectful, I don’t mind! It was so awesome for the both of us to get to experience such an open, accepting environment. The day was filled with rainbows and glitter, and we even got to meet a drag queen! In the evening, Finn and I both received letters from our parents, and it was a very emotional experience for the both of us. I had been a little bit homesick prior to this, as this trip was my first trip away from home in about 5 years, and so reading such a nice letter from my mum and dad meant a lot to me. It felt great to know that the entire group was supportive and accepting, and I remember that my cheeks were aching from all the smiling I did. It was a day I’ll never forget!

My journey did not end once I flew back to London. On the day we left, our director, Tom, left me this note, and I’ve had it stuck on my wall ever since:

‘Alys, When we first met you took 5 hours to make eye contact with me! It’s been amazing to see your journey this week. Every time you spoke or asked a question it was always so intelligent and thoughtful. Honestly, you are so smart and talented. I hope you enjoyed the experience and remember it for a long time. All my best, Tom’

Since I came home, the show has given me so many amazing opportunities. In November, I went down to London to speak at a conference about sex education. In February, Munashe and I went to London to film videos for BBC Teach, which was an awesome experience. The next day, we went to a recording studio to record a podcast all about the show. Recently, in the May half term, Munashe, Finn, Mimi and I went to London to record some more podcasts about the show, which was great because I got to see them again and also because we stayed right in the heart of London, so I was near all the theatres and got to visit the West End (which is my dream workplace)!

In April, we had a launch party for our show to celebrate all the hard work that had been put into creating it. The production team rented a cinema and so we could see our little docuseries on the big screen! It was so amazing to get to see the entire team again. Lots of influencers attended, and it was strange to be talking to people I’d only ever watched on YouTube or other social media. We got to do a Q&A panel and have our photos taken. Overall, it was such a cool experience and I’m so grateful I was given such an amazing opportunity.

Being part of Mimi’s mission really has changed me for the better. I am so much more confident in myself now, and I’ve learned not to let anyone put me down or speak over me. My voice matters, and what I’ve done is amazing. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster, but I couldn’t have asked for a better team to take part in it with. It’s been a year since I applied, and the Alys from last year never would’ve dreamt of this happening to her. I am so lucky to have taken part, and even luckier to have made some amazing friends.

You can watch the series on BBC iPlayer now, and listen to the podcasts on BBC Sounds. I hope you enjoy it!


You can watch the series by following this link:
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Huge congratulations go to Lily Edwards (8w2) for qualifying as a blackbelt in Kickboxing last Saturday!

To achieve this incredibly impressive accolade Lily had to complete a thorough exam. This featured a running assessment, body weight exercises, conditioning, sparring skills, pad work, K1 style Japanese Kickboxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, advanced jumping and spinning kicks, stamina work, self defence against multiple attackers, a speed bag display, CPR practice and a resuscitation demonstration! In addition to this Lily had to show an in depth knowledge of the martial arts rules. This process lasted over four hours so it is fair to say that Lily definitely deserved it!

Lily has trained at Leigh Kickboxing Studio for many years and has put in hundreds of hours of training as she has progressed through the ranks. Lily has had to overcome many apprehensions and fears on her way to this high ranking and is an inspiration to her peers! Well done on this amazing achievement Lily!
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The skip has arrived and we are looking to see what we can up cycle. The planning for the raised beds is also well underway and we have been looking at different forms of recycling. ... See MoreSee Less

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During this past fortnight, pupils have entered the NASUWT Arts and Minds Competition. We have sent our entries off and hope that we have some winners. There were different categories. We had a selection of art work, short stories, songs and poems about diversity, Anne Frank and other current issues. Here are a few of the entries. ... See MoreSee Less

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We expect our students to have very high standards of behaviour, attainment and respect. We want them to be happy, ambitious and believe in themselves because once they do that anything is possible.

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We believe in developing strong links between staff, parents and students.

By working together we can give your child the best possible education.

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We are proud of our tight knit school ‘family’! Our links with the local community and our church partners  are very important to us, as is our highly successful Adult Education programme.

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