Finance and Personnel

Adverse Weather Conditions Policy
Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy
Asbestos Register and Awareness Policy
Asset/ Inventory register
Audit Report of Systems
Best Value Statement
Budget Plan
Business Continuity and Emergency Plan
Central Record of Recruitment and Vetting
Charging & Remissions Policy
Combined Consent Policy
(i.e. photographs & publications, bio registration, trips & sports fixtures, emergency medical treatment, detentions, mobile phone, privacy notice, ICT user agreement).
Controls Assurance Statement
COSHH Records
Data Protection Policy
Data Sharing and Processing Policy
Disposal of confidential waste Policy
Financial Handbook
Financial Value Standard
Fire Policy
First Aid Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Gifts and Hospitality Policy
Insurance Policy
Leave of Absence Policy
Lettings Policy
Lone worker Policy
Minibus Policy
Money Management Policy
Performance Management Policy
Privacy Notice – Parents Carers and Students
Privacy Notice – Staff
Rewards & Recognition Policy
Risk Management & Risk Register
Scheme of Delegation for Staffing Policy
Scheme of Financial Administration Policy
Security Policy
Social Media Policy
Staffing Structures
Trips and Visits Policy
Visitors and Volunteers Policy
Write off and disposal Policy

Z – Employment Handbook
1. Staffing & Pay Matters
2. Contractual Basis for Employment of Staff
3. Good Employment Practice
4. Equality and Diversity
5. Recruitment and Selection
6. Appointment of Headteachers
7. Appointment of Deputy Headteachers
8. Recruitment and Advertising
9. Employment of People with Criminal Convictions, Criminal Records Bureau and Disclosure
10. Use of Fixed Term Contracts
11. Pay and Pay Protections
12. New Contractual Provisions
13. Single Status Harmonisation
14. Flexible Working
15. Induction of Newly Qualified Teachers
16. Appraisal and Capability
17. Professional Development
18. Continuing Professional Development
19. Reducing Bureaucratic Burden on Teachers
20. Staff Wellbeing and Work Life Balance
21. Sickness Management
22. Leave of Absence
23. Use of Reasonable Force to Control or Restrain Pupils
24. IT Security
25. Whistleblowing
26. Allegations of Abuse against Adults who work with Children
27. Disciplinary
28. Grievance
29. Managing Reductions in Staff
30. Alternative Employment
31. Retirement and Early Retirement
32. Facilities Agreements for Headteachers and Unions

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