Welcome To Lowton Church of England High School
Congratulations to our Year 11 students who were given their GCSE results on 21st August. Our students have worked with diligence and focus and been rewarded for their endeavours. They have achieved some very pleasing results and there are many fantastic success stories across the whole year group. We are very proud of all our students and we wish them well in their next steps on their learning journey.

Welcome to Lowton Church of England High School, a successful comprehensive school serving young people aged 11-16 in the Lowton, Leigh and Atherton communities. As a Church school everything we do is based on Christian values and is summed up in our mission statement, caring, learning and succeeding.

We are a caring school which genuinely values the importance of each individual student. This means that we are an inclusive community which listens to what our students have to say and recognises their rights as well as their responsibilities.

We are a learning school that places huge importance on high quality learning and the development of Good Learning Habits amongst all of our students. If you choose Lowton, you will choose a school which is fully committed to preparing your child for their future education and working life by instilling these Good Habits from their first day with us.

Finally, we are a school that wants our students to succeed, both academically and in ways which reflect their own unique talents and abilities.