Mr Pollard, Headteacher




Our child is set challenging targets and encouraged to have high aspirations” Parent




Students are very eager to learn and are highly attentive in lessons” Ofsted




Learning outside the classroom is an important part of life at Lowton” Y8 Student




Teaching is delivered by a committed, hard working staff” Parent




As a small school we can bring a more personalised feeling to the education of our students” – Teacher




“Christian values of trust, compassion and respect are reflected in the good behaviour of the students”  SIAMS inspection




Welcome to Lowton Church of England High School, a small, successful comprehensive school serving young people aged 11-16 in the Lowton, Leigh and Atherton communities. As a Church school everything we do is based on Christian values and is summed up in our mission statement, caring, learning and succeeding.

We are a caring school which genuinely values the importance of each individual student. This means that we are an inclusive community which listens to what our students have to say and recognises their rights as well as their responsibilities. We are a small school and we know our students well.

We are a learning school that places huge importance on high quality learning and the development of good learning habits that promote “Life-Long Learning” amongst all of our students. We are fully committed to preparing students for their future education and working life by instilling these good habits from their first day with us, to when they leave us to continue their learning journey.

Finally, we are a school that supports our students in succeeding, both academically and in ways which reflect their own unique talents and abilities.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about “The Lowton Family”. If you want to find out more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Year 10 Child Sexual Exploitation Education

Year 10 Child Sexual Exploitation Education

Year 10 Child Sexual Exploitation Education on Wednesday 15th November. GW Theatre Company are presenting their production of 'Somebody's Sister, Somebody's Daughter' to Year 10 on Wednesday. This is a powerful drama about sexual exploitation and street grooming aimed...

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Year 10 – NCFE vCERT

There have been some huge changes to the way that GCSE’s are structured and so we have decided to go with a new course that leads to the equivalent points scoring. NCFE offer a course that runs in a similar way to the new GCSE but enables us to be far more practical in our approach to learning.

These are some of our current year 10 students working on techniques for Unit 1 and 2 of their qualification. This involves refining skills and techniques to the go on to design and produce 3D products. Alongside this students will need to use their enterprise skills to work out a marketing and sales plan for their range.
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Year 9 – Skills for Further Study

Year 9 are currently working on skills and theory that will take them through into year 10 and 11. They have been producing written work that shows high level detail and understanding of complex Design and Technology concepts.

Some examples of these are issues based around the environment, new and emerging technologies, health and safety and design principles.

Shown in the photographs are some of our students working on their practical skills to extend their abilities when it comes to independent work. Students are encouraged to experiment and risk getting things wrong so that they can work on developing their skills to get it right next time. So far students have shown some excellent skills and potential.
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Today our Year 9 Badminton team attended the Greater Manchester School Games at the Amaechi Centre in Manchester. The girls qualified to represent Wigan after winning the Wigan East Tournament last ye...

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Year 8 – Dali Clock

In year 8 students are on a rotational carousel and as such only spend 13 weeks in Design and Technology. We have to make the most of this time and cover a range of skills and theoretical work to encourage fast paced learning.

Students complete portfolio of work, modelling and a 3d product that they can take home with them in the form of a clock. Students were really proud of their achievements and so were we!
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We expect our students to have very high standards of behaviour, attainment and respect. We want them to be happy, ambitious and believe in themselves because once they do that anything is possible.

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We believe in developing strong links between staff, parents and students.

By working together we can give your child the best possible education.

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We are proud of our tight knit school ‘family’! Our links with the local community and our church partners  are very important to us, as is our highly successful Adult Education programme.

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