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At Lowton Church of England High School, the importance of language and the value of reading is promoted both inside and outside the classroom environment. Students are exposed to the benefits of independent reading within the curriculum and through Bedrock Vocabulary. Key Stage 3 and 4 curriculum promotes the importance of Tier 3 vocabulary in order to fully realise academic potential.

In year 7 and 8 our literacy curriculum is designed to build resilience and confidence in independent reading and vocabulary. Through the explicit teaching of Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary we intend to equip students with knowledge and language expertise which will allow students to thrive within school and beyond.

Bedrock Vocabulary is accessed by every year 7 and 8 student. It is a comprehensive digital literacy curriculum which teaches academic vocabulary through fiction and non-fiction reading and develops literacy for reading, writing and oracy. We compliment the teaching of Tier 2 language with access to an online grammar programme also.

Bedrock Mapper is a way of ensuring consistency of the teaching, assessment, and revision of Tier 3 vocabulary across our curriculum and specifically targets disciplinary literacy. It ensures every student in the school understands and retains vocabulary specific to subject areas. Mapper is accessed by all year groups across both Key Stages and builds each year. Spaced retrieval is used to ensure the revisiting and retention of crucial vocabulary.

Literacy and the mastery of vocabulary is crucial to all we do. Successful adults have a fundamental and powerful grasp of vocabulary, and it is the responsibility of all teachers to ensure we equip our young people with this.