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Ethos & Vision

The Governors and staff of Lowton Church of England High School are committed to the provision of a high-quality education in a Christian context. We aim to provide a school where we can live out our ethos of Caring, Learning and Succeeding on a daily basis and let our light shine. At the heart of the commitment is the notion of the uniqueness and infinite worth of the individual, that every person is valuable in the eyes of God and that they are, indeed, the lights of the world.

What does it mean to belong to a Church School?

The Church of England’s vision for education is deeply Christian and focused on serving the common good. It is based on educating the whole person and aims to prepare students for ‘life in all its fullness’. This means delivering high quality academic education alongside promoting spiritual, moral and cultural development.

We follow the ‘Lowton Way’ which encourages students to be the ‘lights of the world’ in their attitude, aspiration and conduct.

  1. Our ambition to be the ‘lights of the world’ shapes our policies, practices and culture. We aim to make a positive difference to students, staff and our community.
  2. We are inclusive. All students are valued as Children of God. We respect people of all faiths and those who do not hold religious views. We celebrate diversity.
  3. We promote a love of learning and high academic standards. We deliver lessons that engage and inspire as we know that education has the power to transform lives.
  4. We have high standards in our behaviour policy so that young people have clear boundaries and all students can learn in the classroom.
  5. We recognise that students are individuals with their own God-given talents. We aim to provide a curriculum that nurtures, challenges and empowers them to reach their potential.
  6. We treat each person with dignity even when they do wrong. We work with those students who struggle to meet our expectations.
  7. We forgive and encourage reconciliation within our community.
  8. We know that words are powerful and use them wisely.
  9. We commit to living well together by debating current issues and sharing our views in ‘5 a day worship’.
  10. We put a special focus on students with additional needs and those who are disadvantaged knowing that we need to take positive action to ensure their needs are met. 

Educating for
Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills

Educating for
Hope and Aspiration

Educating for
Community and Living Well Together

Educating for
Dignity and Respect