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Christian Disctinctiveness


As a Church of England High School we have a school chaplain that is available for staff and students. The role of the chaplain is to help students and staff explore and make our Christian values come alive both in their lives and our school, and in the community we live in. The school Chaplain is an important adult role model for both students and staff. They play the lead role in preparing and leading worship for the school community, running clubs for students and leading spiritual reflection in school.

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is an integral and central part of our school day. Every afternoon during form time we take time to pause and participate in an act of worship. The Worship Bulletin is sent out each week with thoughts, reflections and interactive activities for students to take part in. We ensure these are inclusive for the whole school and they are regularly put on our Facebook page.

Collective Worship takes place in a variety of contexts:

  • Daily Form Tutor Time: This includes a prayer and worship-based activity.
  • Weekly Year Group Collective Worship: This is led by the HOY, a local member of the clergy, a Form Group, the Head of Christian Distinctiveness or a Senior Leader.
  • Friday Form Tutor Time: This is led by the school Chaplain.
  • Whole School Collective Worship: This takes place at the start of each half term and at Key Events in the Christian Calendar.

Form time worship is planned to ensure that the time is used to develop pupil’s spirituality and wellbeing.


Act of Worship:


A thought to start the week and inspiring messages from the Head of Year or School Chaplain.        


‘Lowton’s Voice’ - Moral Issues and Social Understanding of the world or Year Group Collective Worship.


Nurture, Wellbeing & Spiritual Growth and Achievement and Attendance data.


‘Lowton’s Voice’ - Moral Issues and Social Understanding of the world or Year Group Collective Worship.


Formal Form Collective worship - formal worship and worship activities delivered by the school chaplain.

As a Church of England High School, we dedicate time to prayer and reflection, giving pupils the space to contemplate or offer to God their gratitude and worries. This is led and modelled by the senior leadership team, the Head of Christian Distinctiveness, the school chaplain and form tutors.

Our Daily Prayers are:

Day of the week:

Prayer to use:


Father God we thank you for the week that lies ahead that is full of promise and possibilities.  Give us strength and energy for this new week.   Amen.

Tuesday and Thursday

Father God let us take a moment to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. Help us to show compassion to others and bring hope and light to those who are suffering. Amen.


Father God we take a moment to pause and reflect and think of anything now that may be troubling us. We thank you for your support and guidance and we lift to you those in our school community who are struggling.  Amen 


Father God as we take this moment to reflect, we thank you for this week.  We thank you for the time we get to spend together in form time.  Thank you that during this time we have chance to learn more about you and the kind of person you want us to be.  Please help and guide us as we look at our Friday theme together now.   Amen

Social Action

Our curriculum strategy is framed in three complementary strands:

  • Academic rigour
  • Nurture and developmentSocial Action
  • Social action

Social Action is a central element of our curriculum ambition and commitment for all students in our school. It is an important and explicit part of our Christian distinctiveness and a fundamental part of the offer to parents who choose to send their child to a Church of England school. All Church of England Schools share the vision to be ‘Deeply Christian, serving the common good.

Social action also encapsulates ‘courageous advocacy’.

In our school social action means to speak up, act and give to improve our world. It aims to educate young people about courageous advocacy, it leads to the practical taking of action, challenging of injustice and becoming informed changemakers locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Our Social action strategy aims to ensure that all people can flourish as God intended. 


Spirituality permeates through the life of the school in lessons, through worship and in moments of collective gatherings. We unlock opportunities for those in our school community to think about spirituality, to explore the meaning of faith, to examine and question the world we live and philosophical ideas, and to examine the meaning behind having a personal faith.

We define Spirituality as:

Spirituality is the essence of being human; it is individual to each one of us. A sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, often involving a search for meaning in life. At Lowton Church of England High School spirituality is about developing the person as a whole. When we think of spirituality we think of four key elements - Self, Others, Awe and Wonder and Beyond.