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Combined Consent

We are legally required to ask you for your consent on certain activities we undertake at school. Rather than write to you on separate occasions for this, we have now combined these onto one single form. This consent form will then cover your child throughout their time at the school.

The ‘combined consent form’ can be found at the bottom of this page. You will need to complete both sides of the form and return it to school as soon as possible (we ask your child to read, agree and sign the student section on the reverse). If we do not get this from you, your child will not be able to take part in any offsite activities arranged by the school, access the school’s IT infrastructure or use the school’s canteen facilities. Therefore we will continue to ask you for this form until a signed copy is handed into school.

School trips and sports fixtures

We need your permission for your child to participate in activities arranged by the school, on or off-site (including those outside the school day and residential visits either in term time, during school holidays or at the weekend). We also need your permission for your child to be transported in our school minibus, on external transport and if necessary, in staff vehicles. You will be informed before these activities take place.


We need your permission to allow us to use photographs and filmed images of your child in the local media, school newsletter and video, website and displays around school. (Examples are; presenting a cheque to a charity, achievement awards, sporting events or presentations).

Student ICT user agreement

We need your permission for your child to access the school’s IT systems, Internet and email facility. In doing so, you accept that you are responsible for your child’s actions and understand the sanctions we might use to withdraw their access if they abuse this privilege.

Using email

We need your permission to use your email address to contact you about your child. Parents and Carers, where possible, are asked to provide an email address to which the school can send letters and other forms of communication. The school will still be using traditional mail, however, we hope in the future to begin reducing traditional methods for cost reasons. Email addresses will not be passed on to others and will only be used by the school to communicate messages about your child.

Emergency medical treatment

We need your permission for urgent medical treatment to be given (if required) by a qualified first aider during the school day or during an out of school activity, where it is not possible to contact you or any other person with parental responsibility.

School meals

We need your permission to register your child on our cashless catering system as cash is no longer accepted at the service points. Instead pay loaders are used to load money onto the system at the beginning and end of the school day. Students simply place their finger onto a scanner at the point of sale to purchase food. Those students who do not want their fingerprint to be taken, but still want to purchase food, will be given a payment card. Students who bring in a packed lunch from home are welcome to register. Registration allows access to our dining facilities throughout your child’s time at the school.

Same day detentions

The school operates a same day detention system. Legally we don’t require your consent for this; however we would still like to obtain your support should we decide to issue your child with this sanction. Detentions will normally last for 30 minutes but will not exceed one hour. We will inform you if we intend to keep your child at school beyond the normal school day. It is therefore vital that you keep us informed if your contact details change.

Mobile phone policy and other valuables (including iPods)

We need you to agree to the school’s policy on the non-use of mobile telephones and iPods during the normal school day and be aware that the school will not accept responsibility for any theft, loss, damage or misuse of a personal phone, iPod or any other personal valuables.

Privacy notice

We need to let you know that we store personal data about you and your child on the school’s management systems. We will share this data with those who provide services to the school and organisations concerned with the welfare of your child. Examples are; Youth Support Services, Social Services, Local Authority Support Services, etc. Our privacy notice is displayed on our website.

Food allergies

We are committed to ensuring the safety of pupils who may have food allergies including nuts and peanuts. Where products contain nuts or nut by-products we will ensure that a warning label is displayed at the point of service. Further advice on nut allergies is displayed on our website.

Student Code of Conduct

We require students to sign up to our student code of conduct and to agree that they will be considerate and respectful at all times to all members of the school and its community and abide by the sanctions we might impose if they break our code of conduct.