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Physical Education

Physical Education enables students to learn and develop lifelong knowledge and good habits on living a healthy, active lifestyle. We aim to nurture and develop the social and communication skills required to improve student’s life chances.  The PE department aims to enthuse as many students as possible to gain enjoyment from PE and sport that will lead to continued lifelong participation and the mental, social and physical wellbeing benefits that accompany this.

How do we ensure academic rigour in our Physical Education curriculum?

  •  Students gain a fundamental understanding of how the body works and is best used and adapted to successfully demonstrate the key skills, tactics, and strategies of a sport.
  •  Re-call and retrieval opportunities are pivotal in applying theory content and key teaching points to improve practical performance.
  •  Students revisit and further develop their skills and abilities within a range of carefully-selected sports providing a broad base of skills across a range of sports.

How do we nurture and develop our students through our Physical Education curriculum?

  •  We are committed to offering a broad range of sports that allow all students to both enjoy PE, understand the key skills and rules of a range of sports but also find sports that they can thrive at and be successful playing for sustained periods of time.
  • By recognising a wide-range of abilities and talents we ensure that all students, whether they be working at an elite or entry level, work in a supportive environment in which they feel safe and happy to explore and develop their talents. 
  • We ensure that all students recognise the importance of physical health on mental well-being and the role that PE plays in giving students direct experience of this.

How do we promote social action and courageous advocacy through our Physical Education curriculum?

  •  Students develop their social and communication skills when working as a member of a team or as a coach when giving and receiving feedback.
  •  PE develops a student’s character and provides them with the social skills required to flourish, thrive and succeed and improve their life chances by becoming better citizens.
  • Students experience the power sport has to bring people together and have a transformative impact on a community whether that is playing a sport, spectating or being part of a sporting community.