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Curriculum Overview - Summer School

On Tuesday 31st August and Wednesday 1st September, we hosted a Year 7 Induction Programme inviting each student from the incoming Year 7 to provide an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the school site, routines and systems, as well as pastoral and teaching staff.

Throughout the two days, students engaged with subjects they would be studying in the new school year.  

89.5% of students arrived on site to attend both days (90.1% on Tuesday and 89.5% on Wednesday) of the Year 7 Induction Programme.   

The curriculum throughout the Year 7 Induction focused on a broad range of school-based academic and enrichment subjects. Students followed a structured timetable on both days that was designed in advance to deliver high quality content to the students.  

On Tuesday, students participated in Physical Education using orienteering to develop their team-building skills and applied the team qualities to some exciting games of handball, which provided an opportunity to work and communicate with their peers. They also engaged in Art & Design and also Science, engaging in a Harry Potter fun-filled 80-minute session.  

On Wednesday, the focus was on the academic curriculum with students participating in English, Maths, Computing, Languages and Humanities, in addition to a form time period ,which included a tour of the school and developing their knowledge of the school's ethos and values. Both days concluded with a celebration assembly, celebrating the success and engagement of students over the two days which was led by Mr K Larkin (Headteacher) and Mrs K Roberts (Head of Year 7).  

The total cost of the two-day provision was £13,431 and was funded by the DFE's COVID-19 recovery programme.  The breakdown of these costs are as follows:

Salaries including Employer on-costs: £12,475

Catering: £911

Additional resources required: £45