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For Parents/Carers

A Guide To Xello

Xello is an engaging, fun-to-use programme exploring career options that our students can access online, at school or at home. Students can even access Xello from their mobile devices.

Getting started with Xello



GMACS – our Greater Manchester website for all things local in terms of careers, including advice, tips, hints, links to apprenticeships and a multitude of resources about our local labour market


National Careers Service – Provide careers information, advice and guidance and help you to make decisions on learning, training and work at all stages in your career


Springpod - This website is free to students during school holidays who wish to explore virtual work experience opportunities.
The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), part of the Education and Skills Funding Agency, is a government agency that coordinates apprenticeships in England, enabling young people to enter the skilled trades.

BBC bitesize careers - Whether you’re deciding what to study, taking your exams, planning a career, or just curious, BBC bitesize explains the world of work, with advice from people who've found the right path for them.


Not Going to Uni – this is a fab website full of resources and THOUSANDS of nationwide opportunities and ideas for those that have decided that Uni is not for them.


UCAS – Contains all the information about every university and course offered in the UK and details of every degree offered and also information about apprenticeships – choose your future!


Informed choices – This website allows pupils to explore what university courses they could apply to with their specific choice of A levels and qualifications


Good Practice – Forum Talent Potential has more case studies about employer-linked curriculum projects than any other programme in the UK. Search examples of young people's Meaningful Learning Experiences on their journey from primary to post-16 education at schools around the country.


Our local colleges and training providers – these websites are essential for those that are in year 9 or above to complete the necessary research about the kind of post-16 provision you would like to apply for in the future.  The websites of the colleges and training providers we work most closely with are posted below:

Post 16 provision - Colleges

Training and Apprenticeship Providers

The Armed Forces

T Levels Letter to Parents
Apprenticeships / The Parents' Guide to Apprenticeship 2023/24 PDF