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Chaplaincy Clubs

On a Monday & Wednesday break time we have Chaplaincy Club. We meet together and are involved in all kinds of activities. We sometime look at the verse for the week, look at different aspects of being a Christian, some students have written prayers for our Friday worship and lots more. Some keys events have been:

  • Creating Prayer boats regarding climate change and COP26
  • Writing & sending Christmas Cards to local care homes
  • Creating a Christmas tree with words of encouragement
  • Reading and prayers for the Christmas School drama
  • Creating Random Acts of Kindness chatterboxes for Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • Making Fairtrade posters
  • On Ash Wednesday we held a reflection for Ukraine & coloured in/wrote messages on doves of peace
  • Chaplaincy Club were asked by Lowton St Marys Primary school to create a display on the Resurrection of Jesus and 2 members also attended the school to be involved in their stations of the cross assembly
Why I enjoy coming to Chaplaincy Club

It helps us to believe in Jesus

I get to know Jesus more & learn new things

Good place to hang out with your friends

To have fun & learn about Christianity

There is always an activity planned that we can take part in

We can learn different opinions

To take a break from the fast pace of school life

Something new to try

It’s fun

I get to spend quality time with my friends whilst learning about Christianity in a fun way.  Everyone is really nice that comes to club.


On a Monday & Wednesday lunch time we have Space.  This is a ‘drop in’ when the students can come down and chat, colour, play games.  Sometimes we also get involved in what the Chaplaincy club have been doing like helping with the paperchain Christmas tree, the reflection for Ukraine, New Years Resolutions and “How would you feel if?”  They love seeing their work going up on the wall.

Why I enjoy coming to Lunch Club

I get to hang out with my friends & relax

I can be with my friends in a place that isn’t too busy

It's a space to chill out

My mates are here

I love lunch club because it’s a place I can eat my lunch with my friends

It’s fun

Lego, Games & Biscuits

On a Tuesday after school we have Lego/Games Club. Again this is a low key drop in time and it is great to see how the different year groups come together & build relationships (and of course there are biscuits!)

Why I enjoy coming to Games/Lego Club

Nice people

Making new friends & learning new games

It’s fun because I get to play games with my friends

It’s lots of fun and great to connect with other years

Playing games and meeting new people

Lots of nice people, play games, chat to people & make new friends.  We sometimes have snacks!

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