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Chaplaincy Clubs

We have various Chaplaincy Clubs throughout the week

  • Monday break time (years 7 to 10) – the PAIS team (volunteer youth workers) from Christ Church Pennington come in to share a message
  • Monday lunch time (years 7 to 10) –  a place to chill, colour, catch up with friends, do homework etc
  • Tuesday after school (years 7 to 10, 2:50pm to 3:50pm) – games/lego club.  A place to get to know students in other year groups and play board games (or do homework)
  • Wednesday break time (years 7 to 10) – Worship Ambassadors, for those who want to be involved in worship & social action within school
  • Wednesday lunch time (years 7 to 10) –  a place to chill, colour, catch up with friends, do homework etc
  • Thursday after school (years 7 to 10) –  the PAIS team come in to run a bible study.  A chance to study a theme or passage in a fun way.
2022 – 2023 key events so far:
  • Involved in the Year 7 Welcome Service
  • Wrote & sent Christmas Cards to local care homes
  • Involved in a thank you event for staff at Christmas time
  • Involved in Friday Form Worship recordings
  • Spent 2 mornings in Lowton St Marys Primary School to help with their Christingle event
  • Helped to put together a display on the Childrens Society for the Loton St Marys Christingle Event
  • Helped with a reflection for Holocaust day
  • Helped with the Turkey & Syria Earthquake Appeal collection
  • Helped with ideas for prayers for the Turkey & Syria Earthquake Appeal collection.
2021 – 2022 key events:
  • Creating Prayer boats regarding climate change and COP26
  • Writing & sending Christmas Cards to local care homes
  • Creating a Christmas tree with words of encouragement
  • Reading and prayers for the Christmas School drama
  • Creating Random Acts of Kindness chatterboxes for Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • Making Fairtrade posters
  • On Ash Wednesday we held a reflection for Ukraine & coloured in/wrote messages on doves of peace
  • Chaplaincy Club were asked by Lowton St Marys Primary school to create a display on the Resurrection of Jesus and 2 members also attended the school to be involved in their stations of the cross assembly
Why I enjoy attending Clubs
  • It is fun!
  • Good place to hang out with your friends
  • To have fun & learn about Christianity
  • There is always an activity planned that we can take part in
  • To take a break from the fast pace of school life
  • Something new to try
  • I get to spend quality time with my friends whilst learning about Christianity in a fun way.  Everyone is really nice that comes to club.
  • I can be with my friends in a place that isn’t too busy
  • It's a space to chill out
  • My mates are here
  • Nice people
  • Making new friends & learning new games
  • It’s fun because I get to play games with my friends
  • It’s lots of fun and great to connect with other years
  • We sometimes have snacks!
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