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Art & Design

Art & design is the only subject in which students have the opportunity to harness their creativity through a variety of 2D and 3D approaches.  It allows them to express their ideas and be influenced by other artists whilst covering a wide range of topics and skills taught.  We aim to foster a love of art & design with our students.

During KS3 each term offers a different learning opportunity which builds upon prior knowledge and skills; students will research, design, experiment, create and record their intentions in a sketch book which allows students to see their progress and watch their skills flourish.  Students will cover a wide range of disciplines that include drawing and painting, 3D constructions, ceramics and printmaking.  Alongside this, they will also study art theory and investigate the work of historical and contemporary artists and craftspeople.  At KS4 students have the opportunity to study AQA Fine Art and photography where they are encouraged to experiment, take risks, investigate and express their own ideas and concepts whilst continuing to develop their technical skills.

How do we ensure academic rigour in our art & design curriculum?

  • Our students are taught a wide range of increasingly complex skills and techniques inspired by the work of other artists, using materials and methods which will be new to them.
  • Students are encouraged to analyse and annotate their work and the work of others, evaluation is key in helping students to realise their personal intentions.
  • Students will be taught about contemporary and historical artists and movements, looking at many different genres of art giving them an understanding of art history and theory.

How do we nurture and develop our students through our art & design curriculum?

  • Art and photography students are encouraged to experiment and learn from mistakes, to problem solve in a creative way in an environment where they feel safe.
  • When looking at the work of others students are taught how to empathise with the artist or the people within an artwork; developing skills to talk about emotions and feelings.
  • Art and photography is accessible for every student regardless of academic ability, all students will gain a positive feeling of pride when they see their skills develop and flourish which will build up self-confidence.

How do we promote social action and courageous advocacy through our art & design curriculum?

  • Students will develop knowledge of different cultures, religions and people from around the world, making their world views more rounded.
  • Transferable skills such as creative problem solving, communication, oracy, analytical and presentation of research and work are key life skills which will be developed in a creative manner.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to take part in extracurricular trips and visits to galleries as well as working with visiting artists in school.  Students can use their creativity to influence change in their communities positively using their creative views mindsets.