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Music offers an opportunity for students to develop their own musical creativity through composition and performance underpinned by an increasingly diverse awareness of musical traditions and cultures across the world. Our music curriculum is rich in knowledge and skills that will see them become well-rounded human beings supporting their learning in other subjects. We promote creative thinking, and ignite curiosity as we develop a love for music across a variety of different cultures throughout history.

  • Learn through the language of music to communicate in a musical way in solo and group settings.
  • Develop instrumental skill across a range of different contexts.
  • Shown an understanding of a range of musical structures, styles and genres from different traditions throughout history.

How do we ensure academic rigour in our music curriculum?

  • Students are taught to listen and to understand music from a variety of genres and locations providing them with an extensive awareness of musical styles, deliberately selected to develop and challenge their awareness.
  • Students develop their composition skills incorporating increasingly complex musical devices and approaches utilising technology when appropriate, and through practical experimentation.
  • Students perform in a variety of groupings reflecting different musical styles. They are trained to evaluate and be reflective of their own and other’s performances.

How do we nurture and develop our students through our music curriculum?

  • Musicians are highly employable due to the nature of their attributes developed studying music, namely; communication, determined, socially aware, confidence, patience, creativity. We nurture these qualities in our students.
  • Through studying music, students are able to become excellent communicators both in an independent and group setting.
  • Extra-curricular music provides opportunities for students to take their learning out of the classroom in to real-world experiences.

How do we promote social action and courageous advocacy through our music curriculum?

  • Working with others appreciating what others can bring to a situation to improve outcomes and offer different opinions. 
  • Music will support the self-awareness of each individual but also an awareness for the wider world and the different people in it, through increased exposure to a variety of cultures.
  • Students recognise the power of music to bring communities together and the power of music as an inclusive experience.