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Drama provides a unique opportunity for students to explore how they can embody the thoughts, physical presence, and mannerisms of characters. Through a process of contextual understanding, students explore how and why a character is depicted on the stage and can personalise this portrayal based on their own experiences. It generates an opportunity to explore characterisation and how the human body and voice can be harnessed to create particular effects on an audience.

How do we ensure academic rigour in our Drama curriculum?

  • Our students are taught a wide range of dramatic techniques (including still images, thought-tracking and narration) which are the fundamental building blocks underpinning Drama.
  • Students gain a historical knowledge of Drama through which they recognise development of style/genre and how the context influences the outcomes.
  • Students create improvisations from challenging stimuli and perform scripted work from plays with engaging and challenging themes.

How do we nurture and develop our students through our Drama curriculum?

  • All students are able to succeed in Drama through working in a variety of roles to interpret and perform.
  • Students perform their work regularly and achieve a sense of pride and a sense of self-worth. Their success is celebrated by teacher and peer verbal feedback.
  • Drama allows students to collaboratively develop their creative ideas orally, often with a sense of enjoyment and inspire one another to challenge themselves further.

How do we promote social action and courageous advocacy through our Drama curriculum?

  • Drama helps students to develop empathy, understanding and acceptance of people and experiences they might not have life experience of by becoming other characters in challenging situations.
  • Drama allows students to explore the world, and develop their own response whilst understanding the motives of others in a safe and controlled manner. They can reflect on the power of drama to communicate a particular message to enact change.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to take part in extracurricular performances and theatre visits to extend their knowledge and love of theatre.